Addiction And Recovery

Before enrollment

You will have 10 days to enroll after conviction to enroll. Making an appointment is not enrollment. The enrollment is sent to the court by the assessor after your assessment.

When choosing a program be aware of the different prices. The assessment may be discounted but they may charge more for the classes and they may charge for misses classes.

What you need to know about getting into a program. You are allowed to go to any program in any county and in any state even after you have your assessment completed. The program just has to be licensed by the state as an AODE program.

If you are on house arrest, you need to get approval from the court to attend the program. However, you will only be allowed to attend the program and not go anyplace else, not even to eat.

How you get started

Start by calling 859-213-2283 or sending an email to [email protected]

You may call, text or email to leave a message for an appointment and get a return call. Assessments are scheduled afternoons and evenings, Monday thru Friday.

If you received a dui, you will need an AOC referral from the court of conviction, a citation and date of conviction before coming in for an assessment. If you had more than one dui and haven’t had classes you can do all of them together. However, you will need a referral from the court, a citation and conviction date for each of them.

Before assessment

For a first offense assessment is $75 ($50 for assessment and $25 for the book mandated by the state for class). The balance for the class is $200 for the 20 hour education class. At present, you have to be convicted before attending classes for a first offense.

You will need to have faxed or mailed from the court of conviction, the AOC referral form, citation and conviction date to the assessing program. You may also bring it with you to your assessment. The minimum number of classes is 7, 20 hours over 2 1/2 weeks, 3 nights a week for 3 hours. This is the minimum allowed by the state of Kentucky. However, in some instances (depending on your assessment) you may need additional classes.

For a second DUI, text or call for an appointment. Depending on how long it has been since you attended a 20 hour education class, you may have the option of starting in it. You would then move to the out-patient once a week for 11/2 hour and up to 52 weeks. For the second offense, you are allowed to start before conviction and the assessment is $50 and classes are $20 each. You will be re-evaluated at 6 months.

For a third and fourth dui it is 52 weeks of out-patient treatment. However, you are allowed to start before conviction and the assessment is $50 and classes are $20 each.


Although I don’t accept insurance, I work with local resources and insurance providers to meet client needs. When in the client’s best interest, I refer them to individual counseling covered by insurance and/or a more convenient location.

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