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Our philosophy is that recovery is a journey not a destination. People recovery better in a supportive community. Education and treatment are only part of the solution. A spiritual element enhances progress in recovery. Exposure to the recovery community such as Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Crave, The Mat, Celebrate Recovery or other self help groups is encouraged.


Jessamine DUI and Substance Abuse Program has evolved as owners have moved on over the years since 2009. It was Bridges in Community, Counseling and Community Services and now Jessamine DUI and Substance Abuse Program,LLC.

Clinical Staff


Wanda Beckley, Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (Instructor since 1987) and a certified Master Addiction Counselor.  I began working for the 3rd DUI program in Kentucky while working as assistant director of Chrysalis House, the first women’s program in Kentucky. She left there to develop and coordinate the University of Kentucky Employee Assistance Program for 5 years.


David Gibson is a Peer Support Counselor. David and his wife started Grace Happens, the first residential women’s treatment program in Nicholasville.


Tiffany Simpson is working on a Temporary Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor License. She is an Environmental Health and Safety Group Leader. A very busy mom who starts her mornings with the Running Wives Club in Nicholasville and has is available to help out when needed.


Me going over the 10 foot wall in training.


For the past 7 years I have been going to the Wendell Ford Training Center to better understand and work with the veterans returning from theater and afterwards. The PTSD and suicide rate are very high 


Veterans who have been med out or retired are seen at half price.
Patrons are encouraged and given information addressing a whole body system. Areas covered are mental, physical, spiritual, financial and intellectual and emotional well being. 


Getting out in nature, hiking, fishing, gardening, and painting to help the whole body. Activities you can do alone and things the whole family can do!
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